Cervantes Chile Sampler Basket...An Authentic Taste of New Mexico! - SOLD OUT

Includes 1 original Hot JalapeƱo Salsa, 1 Medium Green Chile Sauce, 1 Red Chile Sauce, Recipe Cards and 1 hand-painted authentic Native American collectible miniature pottery.

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12 Jars of All-Natural Cervantes Chile Sauce in One Great Case

Get a case of 12 jars of Cervantes Chile Sauce in your favorite Flavor! All Hot Green Chile Sauce, All Medium Green Chile Sauce, or All Red Chile Sauce!

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Stock A Pantry 6-Pack Gift Box

Stock a special someone's pantry with this ultimate gift. Your choice of 6 of our best selling and most popular products in one tasty collection! Your family and friends will enjoy warm memories with these traditional New Mexico flavors wherever they live!

Cervantes Christmas Chile Case

Includes 6 Medium Green Chile Sauce Jars and 6 Red Chile Sauce Jars

Quantity equals Total # of Cases, not # Jars