Launch your Taste Buds

HOT AIR BALLOONING & HOT CHILE IS A TRADITION with CERVANTES! Although New Mexico's Balloon Fiesta is taking a Siesta this year, you can still make and enjoy New Mexico's favorite flavors with our Special Edition -- Launch Your Taste Buds 2-Pack. We have included New Mexico's favorite flavors in this 2-pack so that you can create your own Balloon Fiesta "eats" at home: Cervantes Hot Red Chile and Cervantes Flame Roasted Chopped Green Chile. Perfect for Breakfast Burritos, Green Chile Cheese Fries, Hot Red Chile Frito Pie and Enchiladas! Experiment in the comfort of your own kitchen with our all-natural, traditional products. We Guarantee our Red and Green Chile products are made with 100% New Mexico grown chiles!!! And, as a token of our appreciation for "Buying Local" we are including 2 biodegradable "seed pods!" Sending you happy memories of NM!!! And for you Balloonists -- Wishing You Soft Landings!
Cervantes Hot Red Chile Sauce
Cervantes Flame-Roasted Chopped Green Chile